Schmidt Education

Face to Face Services

Needs Assessment: Whole school needs assessment will determine school/district needs in key areas such as: SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Rigor, Classroom Climate, Curriculum, and Learning Environment.

Collaborative Planning: Data-based collaborative planning sessions to create a school/district action plan that impacts the identified needs.    

Professional Development: The school/district action plan will be supported through professional development for teachers, coaches, and administrators. 

Virtual Professional Development

Live online professional development developed to take you to the next level of standards-based instruction. Learn how to:                                                                          

  • teach to the rigor of the grade level standards,
  • improve student achievement,
  • infuse SEL (social emotional learning) in your lessons. 

Pair this with the virtual coaching to receive customized feedback and tips.

Virtual Coaching

One to one instructional coaching to improve student achievement towards the state standards. Coaching support for each part of the process.